What is another word for re-establish?

Pronunciation: [ɹˌiːɪstˈablɪʃ] (IPA)

Re-establish is a term that refers to the act of restoring something to its original position or condition. There are a number of synonyms available that can be used in place of re-establish, depending on the context. Some of the most common synonyms include restore, renew, revive, resurrect, rebuild, reinvigorate, rekindle, rehabilitate, and reinstate. Each of these terms has its own unique nuances and connotations, so choosing the best synonym will depend on the specific situation and the desired tone or emphasis. Regardless of the choice, using synonyms can help add variety and interest to your writing while conveying the intended meaning effectively.

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What are the hypernyms for Re-establish?

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What are the opposite words for re-establish?

Antonyms for the word "re-establish" include destroy, dismantle, demolish, abolish, end, and terminate. These words signify the opposite of establishing or restoring something that was previously in place. Instead, they suggest a sort of removal, elimination, or disbandment of the same. Destroying or ending something is typically associated with a negative connotation, such as demolition or termination of employment. While the word "re-establish" is associated with positive outcomes, such as rebuilding or rekindling something valuable, antonyms make it evident that the opposite can result in permanent damage or a more unpleasant situation.

What are the antonyms for Re-establish?

Famous quotes with Re-establish

  • When I hear traditional family values raised, I hear that effort once again to re-establish the man as head and master of his family. Who had the, not only the right, but the obligation to discipline his wife and children to keep them in line?
    Patricia Ireland
  • My proposal to re-establish diplomatic relations - not necessarily friendly relations, but diplomatic relations - is a sensible, simple, and straightforward approach that will finally get us off dead center.
    Cyrus Vance
  • Unless we as a political community can by reasoned discourse re-establish in our own minds the authority of the constitutionalism of the Founding Fathers and of Lincoln, of government devoted to securing the God-given equal rights of every individual human being, we will remain ill equipped to bring the fruits of freedom to others.
    Harry V. Jaffa
  • It seems to me imperative to re-establish the true dualism—that between vital impulse and vital control—and to this end to affirm the higher will first of all as a psychological fact. The individual needs, however, to go beyond this fact if he is to decide how far he is to exercise control in any particular instance with a primary view to his own happiness: in short, he needs standards. To secure standards, at least critically, he cannot afford, like the Rousseauist, to disparage the intellect.
    Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • The aim is not to give human beings real goals that warrant belief, and tasks to share in, but to re-establish “belonging,” although this kind of speech and thought is precisely calculated to avoid contact and so makes belonging impossible.
    Paul Goodman

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