What is another word for de facto?

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[ də fˈaktə͡ʊ], [ də fˈaktə‍ʊ], [ d_ə f_ˈa_k_t_əʊ]

De facto refers to a situation or state of affairs that exists in fact, even though it is not officially recognized. Some synonyms for de facto include actual, genuine, real, practical, and authentic. Other expressions that could be used to convey a similar meaning include in reality, in practice, by default, by virtue of circumstances, and in effect. These words and phrases are often used to describe a situation that is not explicitly stated or acknowledged, but is understood to be true nonetheless. Whether you are writing a legal document or simply describing a situation, using synonyms for de facto can help you communicate more clearly and effectively.

Synonyms for De facto:

How to use "De facto" in context?

The word "de facto" has two meanings in English. The first is a noun meaning "in fact" or "really", as in "de facto ruler". The second is a verb meaning "to act in fact as if one is something or someone, even if one is not actually that thing or person", as in "She de facto lives with him".

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