What is another word for curd?

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Curd is a dairy product that is tangy, creamy, and rich in texture, often used to make cheese, yogurt, and various desserts. This term has several synonyms that you can use in your conversation or writing to get a more diverse and vivid expression. Some popular synonyms for curd are cheese curds, coagulate, milk clots, casein, whey, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and cream cheese. These words indicate different types of curdling processes and dairy products that are a part of various cuisines worldwide. So, the next time you are talking about dairy products, you can use these synonyms to present your thoughts with more precision and eloquence.

Synonyms for Curd:

How to use "Curd" in context?

Curd is a thick, white, curdled milk or cream. It is a by-product of milk and is used for a variety of purposes, including cooking and desserts. Curd can also be used as a natural emulsifier and contain functional dairy proteins.

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