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Corms are thickened underground stems that are found in many species of plants. These specialized structures enable plants to store food and water, and they are particularly important in environments where water is scarce or seasonal. There are several synonyms for the word "corm" including bulb, tuber, rhizome, and rootstock. Bulbs are similar to corms in that they are also underground storage structures, but they are composed of layers of fleshy leaves rather than stem tissue. Tuber refers to a swollen, underground stem that stores starches and other nutrients. Rhizomes are horizontal, underground stems that give rise to new shoots and roots. A rootstock is a woody plant structure that contains both roots and stem tissue and serves as a base for grafting.

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    Corm is a type of salt that is extracted from seaweed. Corms are white to off-white in color and have a granular texture. Corms are used in the food industry to add saltiness to dishes.

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