What is another word for Absent-minded?

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[ ˈabsəntmˈa͡ɪndɪd], [ ˈabsəntmˈa‍ɪndɪd], [ ˈa_b_s_ə_n_t_m_ˈaɪ_n_d_ɪ_d]

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How to use "Absent-minded" in context?


Absent-mindedness is a neurological condition characterized by difficulties sustaining and maintaining focused attention. It can affect individuals of all ages and has been attributed to a number of factors including ADHD and dementia. Some people with absent-mindedness may have difficulty organizing and sustaining their thoughts, while others may experience an absent-minded "dazed" state. In either case, absent-mindedness can lead to difficulties in completing tasks and can be frustrating for those who need constant attention.

Despite the common misconception that absent-mindedness is a sign of being lazy or unproductive, people with absent-mindedness can in fact be very successful and capable.

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