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Boxcar is a term used to refer to a freight car which is enclosed usually with side doors and used for carrying general cargo. There are many synonyms for the word boxcar. One synonym for boxcar is 'container car'. Another synonym for boxcar is 'freight car'. Some other synonyms for boxcar include 'goods van', 'wagon', and 'truck'. Furthermore, in certain regions of the world, instead of using the term boxcar, the word 'box' is used to refer to the same type of freight car. Regardless of the word used, it can be agreed that each one refers to the same type of freight car.

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The boxcar was originally a railway vehicle designed to transport goods in bulk. The original boxcars had wooden bodies and tended to be more crude in construction than modern boxcars. As the railway industry developed, the boxcar became a standard transport method for goods.

Boxcars are now typically made from steel or aluminum and are fitted with lid and side doors that can open inwards. They vary in length, but the normal length is about 8.5 meters. Boxcars are fitted with ramps or lifts that allow them to be loaded and unloaded easily.

Today, boxcars are used mainly for transporting goods by rail.

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