What is another word for catcall?

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[ kˈatkɔːl], [ kˈatkɔːl], [ k_ˈa_t_k_ɔː_l]

Synonyms for Catcall:

How to use "Catcall" in context?

Since the 18th century, when women first started to publish their writing, "catcall" has been defined as any unwanted sexual advance from a man. Most commonly, these advances occur when a woman is outside, wearing something that is deemed be provocative, such as a short skirt or tight top. The frequency and intensity of catcalls have increased over the past few years, with some women reporting that they experience them on a daily basis. Many women who have experienced catcalling have developed a strong dislike for the act, viewing it as indicative of a broader issue with sexism and sexual harassment.

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