What is another word for band together?

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[ bˈand təɡˈɛðə], [ bˈand təɡˈɛðə], [ b_ˈa_n_d t_ə_ɡ_ˈɛ_ð_ə]

Band together is a phrase that means to come together for a common cause, usually for strength or support. Some synonyms for band together include unite, collaborate, cooperate, join forces, team up, and assemble. Use of these terms instead of band together can accentuate the purposeful gathering of individuals to achieve a common goal. For example, instead of saying "we need to band together to fight for our rights", one could say "let's unite and use our collective power to demand better treatment". The use of synonyms adds variety to language and can help to remain engaging and impactful in communication.

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    When times get tough, it can be hard to find the strength to keep going alone. But what if there was a group of people that could stand together and support each other during hard times? That's what bands are all about - they're made up of people who support and care for each other, no matter what.

    Bands are a great way to find community, share resources, and find support when times are tough. They can also help you work through your problems together and build better relationships.

    It's important to remember that bands aren't always perfect.

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