What is another word for ammo?

Pronunciation: [ˈamə͡ʊ] (IPA)

Ammo, short for ammunition, refers to the bullets, shells or cartridges used for firearms, which are essential for hunting, self-defense and military operations. Some synonyms for ammo include ordnance, armament, munition, rounds, bullets, cartridges, shells, shot, slugs, projectiles, and missiles. These synonyms can refer to ammunition for different types of firearms, from rifles and handguns to shotguns and cannons. The term "ammo" is typically associated with the military or law enforcement agencies, while the word "ordnance" often refers specifically to military weapons and ammunition. Regardless of which term is used, having enough ammunition can be crucial in life-threatening situations.

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Ammo is a term commonly used to refer to the ammunition or supplies used for firearms. Some of the antonyms or opposite words for ammo include peace, nonviolence, pacifism, love, and harmony. These words represent the need for individuals and society to promote peace, reduce conflict, and embrace love over hate. They encourage greater understanding, empathy, and tolerance of differences among individuals and communities. While ammo may be necessary for self-defense or protection in certain situations, promoting peace and harmony is ultimately the best way to create a safer and more equitable world.

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Usage examples for Ammo

You've got how much ammo?
"Take the Reason Prisoner"
John Joseph McGuire
Maybe, said the guy, If they'd have run out of ammo or volunteered to stop shooting.
"An Encounter in Atlanta"
Ed Howdershelt
Thumbing the loose round into the top of the magazine, Cade dropped the mag in his jacket pocket as he said, No point in wasting ammo.
"An Encounter in Atlanta"
Ed Howdershelt

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