What is another word for abruption?

Pronunciation: [ɐbɹˈʌpʃən] (IPA)

A disruption or sudden break in something could be described using synonyms for the word "abruption," such as rupture, laceration, detachment, separation, severance, breach, split, or disconnection. These words are all related to the idea of a sudden and abrupt change or interruption. For example, a plant could experience an abruption in its growth due to a sudden change in environmental conditions. Similarly, a relationship may experience an abruption due to a sudden and unexpected event. Whatever the context, using synonyms for "abruption" can help to convey the idea of a sudden and abrupt change or interruption.

Synonyms for Abruption:

What are the hypernyms for Abruption?

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What are the hyponyms for Abruption?

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Usage examples for Abruption

They thinned and thinned, and the sea and the shore came shining through, for the ground sloped to the beach without any intervening abruption of cliff or even bank; they thinned and thinned until all were gone, and the bare long yellow sands lay stretched out on both sides for miles, gleaming and sparkling in the sun, especially at one spot where the water of a little stream wandered about over them, as if it had at length found its home, but was too weary to enter and lose its weariness, and must wait for the tide to come up and take it.
"The Marquis of Lossie"
George MacDonald

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