What is another word for re-marking?

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Re-marking refers to the process of reviewing, reassessing, or re-evaluating a piece of work that has already been graded or marked. For instance, if a student disagrees with their grade or feels that they were unfairly marked down, they may request a re-marking or a regrading of their work. Other synonyms for re-marking include rechecking, remarking, revising, re-evaluating, and reassessing. These words all refer to the same basic concept of reviewing something again to ensure that it was marked or graded correctly. Whether you call it re-marking, rechecking, or another synonym, this process is an essential part of maintaining fairness and accuracy in assessments and evaluations.

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Antonyms for the word "re-marking" include non-marking, leaving blank, abandoning, disregarding, or ignoring. In contrast to re-marking, non-marking refers to not marking something in the first place or intentionally choosing not to leave any markings on it. Leaving blank means to intentionally leave a space or line free of any marks or writing. Abandoning refers to giving up on marking something entirely, whereas disregarding means to intentionally ignore the need for marking or not consider it important. These antonyms highlight different approaches to marking or not marking and the importance or significance attached to them.

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