What is another word for curdle?

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The word "curdle" refers to the process of turning a liquid into a solid or thick mass. There are several synonyms for the word "curdle", including clot, coagulate, congeal, solidify, thicken, and set. These words are commonly used in cooking, particularly when making certain dairy dishes such as cheese, yogurt, and custard. In addition, the term "curdle" can also be used in a metaphorical or figurative sense, to describe situations where a relationship or situation turns sour or unpleasant. Synonyms for this sense of the word might include deteriorate, sour, collapse, or dissolve.

Synonyms for Curdle:

How to use "Curdle" in context?

Curdle is a word meaning to thicken or to form a thick crust on top of something. This can be from a number of things, but usually involves something mixing with liquids and becoming thick and gummy. For example, a sauce can curdle when it comes into contact with fresh juices, or milk can curdle when it's cooled.

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