What is another word for carpetbagger?

Pronunciation: [kˈɑːpɪtbˌaɡə] (IPA)

Carpetbagger is a term that refers to a person who seeks political or financial gain in a new place or situation, often with disregard for local customs or traditions. Other words that can be used to describe such a person include interloper, opportunist, adventurer, outsider, and newcomer. Some also use the term "parvenu" to describe a newly rich or socially elevated person who lacks the tact and refinement of those who have been born into a higher social class. Another term that has historically been used to describe political carpetbaggers is "carpet knight," which implies that the person is a knight in name only and lacks the chivalrous qualities of true knights.

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Usage examples for Carpetbagger

He might be superseded at any moment by some carpetbagger with political influence, and it went against the grain that the private feuds of people whose quarrels did not interest him in the least should be able to wreck his career.
"The Wheel O' Fortune"
Louis Tracy
She said it bitterly over and over, 'Peters Brown, the carpetbagger-and I love him!
"Andrew the Glad"
Maria Thompson Daviess
Don't mind about her father being a-you know a-a carpetbagger.
"Andrew the Glad"
Maria Thompson Daviess

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