What is another word for Yuck?

Pronunciation: [jˈʌk] (IPA)

Yuck is an expression that conveys disgust, revulsion, and contempt. There are several synonyms for the word "yuck," which can be used to express similar feelings and emotions. Some of the most common synonyms for yuck include ick, ugh, blech, eww, and gross. These words are often used in situations where something is unpleasant, unappetizing, or disturbing. Other synonyms for yuck include nauseating, repulsive, abhorrent, loathsome, and detestable. These words are generally used to describe something that is extremely offensive or objectionable. Whether it's an unpleasant smell, taste, or sight, there are many ways to express disgust and disapproval.

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What are the opposite words for Yuck?

The word "Yuck" is an expression used to describe disgust, distaste or unpleasantness. Some antonyms for it include "delicious", "delectable", "luscious", "tasty", "mouth-watering", "flavorful" and "savory". Delicious refers to something that is highly pleasing to the taste; delectable pertains to something that is desirable and tempting to eat; luscious is used to describe ripe fruits or succulent desserts that tend to be juicy; and tasty implies something that has an agreeable flavor. Mouth-watering denotes something that makes you salivate or crave, flavorful means it has a distinctive or appealing taste, and savory refers to something that is aromatic, rich and satisfying.

What are the antonyms for Yuck?

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