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Batting is a term widely used in cricket, baseball, and various other sports. It refers to the act of hitting a ball with a bat or paddle. However, there are several other terms or synonyms used for the word batting, such as striking, hitting, thwacking, swatting, smacking, slapping, and bashing. These terms are used to express the force of the contact between the bat and the ball, as well as the sound it produces. Fluent use of synonyms is critical in writing and communicating, so this list will be useful for all writers who want to improve their language and style.

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    Batting is the process of hitting a ball with a bat. The object of the game is to hit the ball so it can be caught by the other team. Different batters can have different goals, such as getting on base, scoring a run, or defending against a base run. The position of the batting player in the lineup and their relationship to the pitcher are important factors in determining how and when to hit the ball. Batting is one of the most versatile skills a player can learn.

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