What is another word for Half-hearted?

Pronunciation: [hˈɑːfhˈɑːtɪd] (IPA)

The term 'Half-hearted' refers to a lack of enthusiasm, dedication, or effort in performing a particular task. There are many synonyms for this word, including lukewarm, indifferent, lackluster, apathetic, indifferent, ambivalent, unenthusiastic, and tepid. Each of these words describes a person's attitude towards a particular action or project that needs to be completed. A lukewarm approach suggests a lack of passion or enthusiasm while indifference implies apathy and a lack of interest. Lackluster and tepid both refer to a lack of energy and enthusiasm, while ambivalent suggests mixed feelings or uncertainty. Unenthusiastic implies a lack of passion or excitement towards the work at hand.

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What are the hypernyms for Half-hearted?

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What are the opposite words for Half-hearted?

Half-hearted means lacking enthusiasm or not fully committed to something. Its antonyms include words such as wholehearted, enthusiastic, passionate, dedicated, committed, and resolute. Someone who is wholehearted is completely enthusiastic and committed to a particular cause or activity, while someone who is enthusiastic shows a great deal of excitement and interest in something. Being passionate suggests that one has strong feelings and is deeply committed to something, while being dedicated means that one is fully committed to achieving a particular goal. Similarly, a person who is committed is devoted to a particular task or activity, while someone who is resolute is determined and firm in their beliefs or decisions.

What are the antonyms for Half-hearted?

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