What is another word for bad-mouth?

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[ bˈadmˈa͡ʊθ], [ bˈadmˈa‍ʊθ], [ b_ˈa_d_m_ˈaʊ_θ]

Related words: insult someone, spread rumors, criticize someone, criticize someone unfairly, put someone down, get on someone's bad side, call out someone, bad mouth

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    Synonyms for Bad-mouth:

    How to use "Bad-mouth" in context?

    Badmouthed people can be quite irritating, and they often make life difficult for others. Some of the most common ways to badmouth someone are to say rude things, make sarcastic remarks, or gossip.

    There are a few reasons why someone might badmouth someone else. They might be jealous, or feel inferior. They might also have a motive other than just making someone feel bad. For example, someone might badmouth someone to get their attention or to get them to do something for them.

    Whatever the reason, it's important not to badmouth people in return.

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