What is another word for deep-rooted?

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[ dˈiːpɹˈuːtɪd], [ dˈiːpɹˈuːtɪd], [ d_ˈiː_p_ɹ_ˈuː_t_ɪ_d]

When referring to a particular trait or belief in a person or culture, the term "deep-rooted" can be synonymous with "ingrained," "fixed," or "entrenched." These words suggest a certain level of immovability or steadfastness in something long-established. Other similar words include "firmly established," "tenacious," and "deep-seated," which all imply the same sense of permanence and stability. Additionally, "deeply ingrained" and "inbred" portray a characteristic that is not easily removed or changed. Whatever word might be chosen, the implication is that the trait or belief is embedded into the person or culture and not easily altered or shaken.

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    The antonyms for the word "deep-rooted" are words that describe things that are shallow, superficial or short-lived. These words include words like trivial, superficial, fleeting, and insincere. They are usually used to describe things that do not have a lasting impact or meaning. For example, a relationship that is built on superficial connections may not have deep-rooted feelings, and hence, it is not likely to survive. Similarly, when we use trivial or fleeting solutions to address complex problems, we risk causing more harm than good. In sum, the antonyms for "deep-rooted" remind us that lasting connections and solutions require time, dedication, and sincerity.

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