What is another word for beat-up?

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[ bˈiːtˈʌp], [ bˈiːtˈʌp], [ b_ˈiː_t_ˈʌ_p]

Synonyms for Beat-up:

How to use "Beat-up" in context?

When people think of beatings, they might envision someone kicking or punching them. But that's only the beginning.

Sometimes, beatings can involve inflicting intense pain with heated objects, such as fists, hot cookingware, or metal rods. Victims might also be burned with cigarettes, subjected to excessive hot water, or shocked with electricity.

Beatings can also take place with objects that are not meant to hurt, like a shoe, belt, or even a rug. In some cases, abusers might use objects because they know the victim is fragile or because they're angry and emotional.

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