What is the opposite of order?

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[ ˈɔːdə], [ ˈɔːdə], [ ˈɔː_d_ə]

Antonyms for Order:


Usage examples of Order:

  1. All seemed to be in order "The Lash", Olin L. Lyman.
  2. Ours had been left set, because we might need it in a hurry, and also because with the skipper below nobody could order it down. "The Seiners", James B. (James Brendan) Connolly.
  3. Well, did you give them that order "The Prodigal Judge", Vaughan Kester.

Rhymes for Order:

  1. warder, border, boarder;
  2. disorder, recorder;

Quotes for Order:

  1. A man's respect for law and order exists in precise relationship to the size of his paycheck. Adam Clayton.
  2. In the new century, we should continue to work together to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the vast number of developing countries including China and India and promote the establishment of a just and equitable new international political and economic order Li Peng.
  3. The trouble is that after nine years as a Jack of all trades and Master of the Dominican Order I have no expertise on anything except airports and exotic foods. Timothy Radcliffe.

Idioms of Order:

  1. build to order
  2. put into order
  3. order sm in ( to sth);