What is another word for over-throws?

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Over-throws, meaning the act of forcefully removing someone from power, can be replaced with various synonyms. Among the options are deposes, dethrones, ousts, topples, and unseats, all referring to the same action of overthrowing a leader or government. The word "depose" emphasizes a formal removal, while "dethrone" implies a monarch's removal from power. "Oust" broadly refers to eviction, including from power, while "topple" indicates a sudden or forceful overthrow. "Unseat" suggests a less violent removal, often implemented through legal or political means. All these words are potent tools for writers to add variety to their writing and express the nuance of power struggles and political changes.

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How to use "Over-throws" in context?

In baseball, an over-throw occurs when a catcher, at the base-stage of a batting action, fields a ball that was hit by a batter, and throws it to a base before the ball has contacted the ground. The ball is therefore an illegal ball, and a out is awarded to the batter.

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