What is another word for all-inclusive?

Pronunciation: [ˈɔːlɪnklˈuːsɪv] (IPA)

The term "all-inclusive" refers to a package or experience that includes everything, from meals and drinks to activities and amenities. Some alternative synonyms for this term include "comprehensive," "universal," "inclusive," and "complete." These words all convey a sense of encompassing all aspects of a particular experience, whether it be a vacation package or a comprehensive service offering. Other phrases that convey a similar meaning include "inclusive of everything," "fully covered," and "all-encompassing." Ultimately, the use of any of these synonyms can help to communicate the idea of a complete, all-encompassing experience that leaves nothing to be desired.

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What are the opposite words for all-inclusive?

The term "all-inclusive" refers to comprehensive and all-encompassing services or facilities, but what is its opposite? The antonym for "all-inclusive" can vary depending on the context, but some possibilities include "limited," "exclusive," or "a la carte." Instead of including everything, a limited or exclusive offering might only include certain amenities or services. The opposite of an all-inclusive resort, for example, might be a boutique hotel that offers a la carte services. Other antonyms could include "restricted," "select," or "standalone," depending on the specific connotations desired. Ultimately, the antonym for "all-inclusive" will depend on the speaker's intended meaning and the context.

What are the antonyms for All-inclusive?

Famous quotes with All-inclusive

  • The evolution of consciousness culminates in an all-inclusive consciousness that functions in the context of the infinite and the eternal.
    Phiroz Mehta
  • Scientists who have thought that they were seeking Truth, but who were trying to find out astronomic, or chemic, or biologic truths. But Truth is that besides which there is nothing: nothing to modify it, nothing to question it, nothing to form an exception: the all-inclusive, the complete--By Truth I mean the Universal.
    Charles Fort
  • Spirituality is not necessarily exclusive; it can be and in its fullness must be all-inclusive.
    Sri Aurobindo

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