What is the opposite of addition?

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[ ɐdˈɪʃən], [ ɐdˈɪʃən], [ ɐ_d_ˈɪ_ʃ_ə_n]

Antonyms for Addition:


Usage examples of Addition:

  1. In addition to that, the immense stores gathered and taken South were of inestimable value to the army. "Raiding with Morgan", Byron A. Dunn.
  2. It's plain the others think me no addition to their company, and I'm almost sorry I accepted aunt's invitation. "From Jest to Earnest", E. P. Roe.
  3. And in addition to all the rest, I have found a way to save several of the young fellows from going to the bad in gambling." "In His Steps", Charles M. Sheldon.

Rhymes for Addition:

  1. fission, mission, titian;
  2. partition, commission, tradition, magician, patrician, fruition, ignition, contrition, tuition, optician, suspicion, ambition, mortician, permission, audition, condition, recission, remission, omission, cognition, transition, rendition, petition, munition, volition, emission, transmission, dentition, technician, position, admission, logician, sedition, submission, attrition, musician, nutrition, physician;
  3. exposition, precondition, coalition, prohibition, recondition, demolition, supposition, premonition, composition, erudition, ammunition, electrician, competition, repetition, intermission, imposition, extradition, inquisition, intuition, proposition, disposition, opposition, dietitian, admonition, obstetrician, statistician, rhetorician, requisition, politician, superstition, exhibition, definition, abolition, reposition, acquisition, inhibition, apparition, recognition, deposition, expedition;
  4. predisposition, presupposition, decomposition, theoretician, pediatrician, juxtaposition, academician, geriatrician;

Quotes for Addition:

  1. I thought there had to be something I could do because it seemed crazy that, in addition to the psychological tragedy each woman has to face, came also all the rest. Emma Bonino.
  2. In addition to the research, I enjoyed learning French and assimilating the culture of another country. James Cronin.
  3. Politics is human beings; it's addition rather than subtraction. Donald Rumsfeld.

Idioms of Addition:

  1. in addition ( to sth);